Friday, 29 April 2011

It's all in the detail.......cute!

It really is all in the detail......small, medium, large details get your wedding noticed and make your day stand out just that little bit more!  I am so lucky to be involved in lots of weddings each year and I love my job......I guess everybody has a favourite part of their job and a non favourite.....I'll keep that small detail to myself  uh hummm!  I really love styling events and this is where details play an important part in your day!

I'm always looking for unusual......'not on the highstreet' bits and bobs to eventually stock at FLORA AND GRACE (I promise to fill you in on this quite large detail this weekend) and of course introduce at Zucchini. 

One little find this morning on my internet travels (whilst thinking I really MUST get going and get into work - party for 90 today) were these stunning little ring pillows from my favourite site Etsy.  Ring pillows really won't be missed if you absolutely don't have one......but as I've said it's all in the detail and these ring pillows are particularly pretty.....lovely if you have a tropical theme....maybe choose really bright colours or tone it down if you're having a lovely pastel, floral theme.....anyway I think their fab!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Prince heart goes out to him!

On the eve of his wedding I'm sure Prince William will be giving some thought to the one woman missing from his big day and missing her more than any other day in his life?......Princess Diana would have been so proud of her handsome son and his beautiful bride Kate as they take their wedding vows in Westminster Abbey........they'll be making history before our very eyes and we should be hellishly proud to be British.

Lets just remind ourselves for a minute how stunning Diana really was.......not only was she beautiful she was a fantastic mum, a style icon and she was loved by so many people......most of all her two handsome Princes, William and Harry.

I wish William and Kate so much happiness in their future lets pay tribute to the woman who made all this possible.....Diana.....the peoples Princess!

Oscar......he's your man!!!!!!

I am a huge fan of Oscar de la Renta and his wedding gowns are beautiful!  Watch the man in action behind the scenes at the 2012 spring bridal collection. Ooooh the drama, the romance I want one of his dresses.........!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

I'm dreaming again.....I want this iphone app!

Oh the sheeeeer unadulterated luxury I love it.....just download this app and choose your Tiffany engagement can even choose the size of the diamond and when you've spent about fourty thousand pounds or more....a bargain.....feel free to go on and choose a matching wedding band.

My advice after this amazing shopping extravaganza is to relax with a lovely glass of something pink, bubbly and very expensive....just for some dutch courage.....then produce your iphone and show the other half what you've just bought on his behalf....I'm sure he'll be delighted!!!!!

Wedding inspiration boards......on wedding planning weekend!

I love pictures......I love a visual story so what better way to document all your lovely wedding ideas with an inspiration board.....or mood board!  Those of you who don't like computers will have to make do with the old fashioned scrapbook......which works equally as well.

I very quickly put this pretty pink inspiration board together from the picture library on my computer.....using Picasa I managed to produce this picture collage......very simple and effective!  I started with a beautiful Elie Saab wedding dress and worked my ideas around this picture.  Whether you are a potential wedding planner or a bride organising her own wedding these visuals are invaluable helping you build a clearer picture of the wedding day........and you can have so much fun with them as well!

My job as a wedding planner would be so much easier if all my brides produced such a visual picture.  I organise weddings from a distance UK to Cyprus....sometimes it is difficult to get ideas across via email and I don't always have the luxury of meeting the bride until she arrives about a week before her wedding.  If I had an inspiration board emailed to me.....hint, easy life would be!!!!!  No...seriously give it a go you'll be surprised how quickly your wedding themes and colours and ideas come together so easily and if your undecided on WHAT COLOUR to go for an inspiration/mood board will really help you get a clearer picture......print it off, email it, share it with your friends and family......most of all ENJOY!

Photo Credits
Dress by Elie Saab
Pink diamonds by Tiffany & Co
Floral Design by Ariella Chezar
Wedding Cake by Choccywoccydoodah
Peggy Porschen Shop
Perfume by Vera Wang

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Adorable....Tiffany & Co....its official!

This is my favourite video of 2011.....wouldn't you like to walk down the Zucchini steps to this........?

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Inspired by Chanel.....Oh how darling!

Since the season started I've been absolutely run off my little legs.....sometimes I don't know which hat to planner.....cake administrator all I do know most of the time I could do with two heads to wear two hats at the same time.......I get so busy!

One passion that had to come way down on my list above is my love of stationery......I love designing unusual stationery.......bespokes, one offs and very personal to the couple.  So it's with enormous pleasure when I get the chance to lose myself for an afternoon designing......this Sunday was one of those lovely days!

My bride had no idea what she wanted for her table plan......over to me to surprise her!  I do a lot of research on the internet for my blog and the weddings in general and I came across a beautiful photograph......rushing as usual I did't bother to save it......nevertheless it stuck in the back of my mind!

The picture was very simple just a wall of white paper flowers.....some kind of advertising for Chanel......I was smitten it was elegant, fresh and exactly what I was looking for in my design.  My finished table plan is very different from that bigger picture by Chanel, but still very effective.......simple, elegant with just a touch of this instance green!.....I hope you like it my adaptation.......?

Which brings me very nicely onto my Flora and Grace project.......this is for future way,way off yet......I don't want any of my lovely brides fretting......I know you DO!  Wedding and social stationery is going to play quite a large part in my new boutique in a very smart area back in the UK where I grew up!.......This week I will be sharing my dreams of FLORA AND GRACE with I came about the name, the brand, the boutique......when, where, how, why????????.......Join me in my new project......Oh and I'm looking for artisan related, unique and not necessarily on the HIGH STREET!  That could be you do you have a gift, art craft that you would like to share with me and become part of Flora and Grace......I would love to hear from you!!!!!  EMAIL please!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Fresh as a daisy.....well gerbera actually!

Loving the fresh as a daisy look!  Lots of whites, ivory and green for Lesley and Steven yesterday as they said 'I do" in the beautiful sunshine in our gazebo.

Lesley changed her shade of green colour scheme a couple of times before we decided on a lime green organza to compliment her white gerbera, lilies and roses.  I'm not a huge fan of gerbera but I thought they worked well with the white Oriental lily and the beautiful Avalanche roses. 

Nothing formal regarding the flowers just simple glass vases filled with structure to the design we really wanted flowers that looked as though they had just been thrown actual fact this is quite often a harder look to achieve!  As you can see I had quite a bit of help from the Zucchini menagerie who insisted on keeping me company all morning....... meet the family Squinky the cat, Athos my baby, Nikki the boxer and Norman......well Norman's Norman......thanks for the help guys!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Another gem.....kicking off my Wedding Planning Weekend'

Join me over the next few weekends as I look at the world of wedding planning!  I have started my first weekend with my idol......Mark Niemierko who really does know how to plan a wedding......only dreams (and a little money) are made of......Oh and of course his magic wand! 

It isn't only his attention to detail in every aspect of a wedding day that makes him unique.....each wedding unfolds like a beautiful story with a beginning, a middle and sadly for end. Mr. Niemierko manages to tell each fairtale wedding chapter in it's entirety......he doesn't miss a trick from his concierge services, dress and shoe fittings, hair, makeup, stunning tables, subtle lighting, including the amazing candlelight display at Claridges (in my last post), beautiful flowers, photography.  I would imagine whatever you needed was at his fingertips.......including a few glasses of the best bubbly.......this really is wedding planning at it's finest!

Another Mark Niemierko gem to kick off my 'Wedding Planning Weekend' enjoy!

NIEMIERKO WEDDING: Regal Russian at Kensington Palace, London from Niemierko on Vimeo.

Niemierko.....a must on 'Wedding Planning Weekend'

Every now and again we all come across someone we aspire to.......someone we admire in a certain profession. Well I have such a person in my life at the moment and he is the high end, top luxury wedding planner extrordinaire  Mark Niemierko. 

I absolutely adore this mans work as a wedding planner.  If I EVER get married again (not in the near the way) and I had a little spare cash I would book this man in a heartbeat!  What makes Mark the best in the business?......In his own words 'We ensure that every element comes together with style and efficiency. The flow, timing and execution of a wedding day is as important as the details themselves. Focusing on service and making sure your guests are felt taken care of is at the forefront of Niemierko's commitment to excellence, allowing you to relax and enjoy your wedding day'. Some of his recent wedding events were held at Claridges, London, The Grove Hotel, Hertfordshire, The Orangery, Kensington Palace to name but a few.........

Niemierko wedding services are luxurious and worldwide........maybe you could start with his dress fitting service........Niemierko's wedding planning service includes an unrivalled styling experience for the Bride, Groom and the rest of the wedding party.  Niemierko's Dress Fitting Service is a complete luxury experience through and through. Mark Niemierko takes the Bride to carefully chosen bridal boutiques in a chauffer driven car, offering styling advice or just a simple introduction to the designer or fitter. Also included in the day is a private fragrance consultation at Miller Harris, along with a privileged appointment at Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin to pick that perfect heel. The day concludes over a glass of champagne. Niemierko's relationships with the world's leading bridal dress designers ensure that the variety and quality on offer to clients is as eclectic and fabulous as possible. The Dress Day is available in London, Paris and New York. To book your dress appointment.......very Cinderella like........wouldn't you say?

The luxurious dress service is just the start of your wedding consultation with Mark and his team of experts from venues to caterers, mixologists, sommeliers, cake makers, lighting experts, wedding stylists, floral designers, stationers, photographers, entertainers.......the list just goes on.  Just look as they manage to transform an already beautiful venue into an exclusive fairytale just for you and your this video where Mr Niemierko casts his magic wand over the Art Deco dining room at Claridges in London around Christmas time......It almost made me cry it was so lucky was this bride?.....Don't forget to turn the sound UP and lose yourself in 3 minute 49 seconds from the man who makes dreams come true?

NIEMIERKO WEDDING: Art Deco Chic at Claridge's Hotel, London from Niemierko on Vimeo.

Thank you so much Mr Niemierko for an amazing video!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Captain and his Lady!

Amazing I just happened to come across these gorgeous photo's this morning when I suddenly realised Stuart and I are a round about way! The last time I saw Stuart was about two years ago at my aunties house back in the was Christmas.......he was home on leave and him and his mum Mo visited us at my aunties house......My uncle and his mum are brother and sister - small world huh!  I knew Stuart was getting married because Moira and Cliff (aunty and uncle) were attending the wedding infact I was with Moira in the UK going from shop to shop while she was looking for her outfit.......she'll die if she knows I written this.......sssh!

Anyway I gather Steph and Stu tied the knot in a very posh wedding in February at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst with a reception at the Officers Mess, Minley Manor (I can see aunty and uncle) in the group photo shot - Moira's hiding I know she hates having her picture taken......she'll kill me!

I've never met Steph but doesn't she look gorgeous in her darling Sassi Holford gown - delicious!  The bridesmaids looked equally yummy in their beautiful deep purple Coast dresses

All the happiness in the world to Stu and doubt we shall meet (Steph) at some point.....Good luck guys!!!!!!

Photography Janda Photography

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Weekend wedding planning....don't forget to join me!

I am constantly asked by different people about becoming a wedding planner and trying to make a career out of this fabulous job.  So I thought I would dedicate some of my weekend posts to that subject...... lets have some 'Wedding Planning Weekends' why not it could be fun!

I shall cover a list of hopefully inspiring subjects to do with wedding planning.  We shall start by discussing the industry in general and meeting one of the most influential wedding planners today!  I have a list as long as my arm to get through giving you some insight into the job which I shall post the meantime I have a huge amount of booking forms to work on....speak later!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Stressed does happen!

As a wedding planner not all your brides are going to be super excited brides.....some of my brides have been planning their wedding for so long they've confused themeselves and have no direction at all......then you have a bride like daunted by the day this was going to be a chore to her not the most important day of her life......or was it?????

Well yesterday I married Carol and Pambos in our wedding gazebo and it went beautifully (pictures coming soon).  When I first met Carol at my office some weeks ago (this was a last minute wedding for me) she was so unexcited about her wedding which is unusual for a bride normally they can hardly contain themselves......I needed to get to the bottom of this!

Carol was incredibly stressed and very daunted about the day ahead and she had absolutely no idea how she wanted her wedding to look.....she had chosen the dress and her colour scheme but that was vision regarding anything else.  My mission was to try and find the kind of a look that Carol would like......we needed to start somewhere so we sat at the computer and I showed Carol lots of pictures (no time for inspiration/mood boards...not on this occasion anyway)! 

When I have a situation like this I always start with the bouquet.  If I can establish her likes and dislikes in this department....believe it or not I'm almost home and dry.  Very quickly it became crystal clear what my bride liked and what she didn't like.... we had colours, we had flowers and we had a style......amazing you see it was in there somewhere!

Once we had chosen the bouquet I had some direction......her dress was a deep aubergine the colour of the swatch in the left hand corner of the picture below with ivory and accents of gold.  Carol initially liked the idea of a dark red rose to match her dress but finally settled on the classic white, ivory and green colour scheme......super safe but also a very romantic look which I had now established Carol really liked.

My job as Carol's wedding planner/organiser was by no means over I still had her wedding to organise and style and of course deliver on the a potential wedding planner how would you have changed Carols attitude towards her day.....think about it?

I"m here for a while yet......

Just to put your minds at rest I'm here in Cyprus for sometime future plans with Flora and Grace will take a considerable amount of planning and maybe the two buinesses will both run for a period of time.  Luckily for me I have family who will be looking after things for me in the I can continue here until it's time to move on......sorry you're stuck with me for a while yet!!!!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Want to be a wedding planner?......Read on...

Absolutely pooped......what a busy two days.  When we have weddings back to back I come out the other end like I've just completed ten rounds with Mike Tyson.....seriously today I ache all over like I've been in some kind of fight not organising two weddings.......nevertheless it was worth it!

Organising weddings takes precision planning almost like a military operation from the kitchen to the front of house.......from flowers to tables......dinner to disco......Alex and I plan every last detail so that our couples have an absolutely glorious, stress free day......and it's all in the teamwork! 

For those of you who have just found my blog let me enlighten you!.......Welcome to my world of wedding organising/planning in the Mediterranean!  Not an easy job even if your not in the if you think (like so many people in Paphos and elswhere) that this sounds like a nice job and something you could possibly do if you get a bit of free time!  My advice is give it some real thought.......this day is one of the most important day of someones life......and it's just become your responsibility......easy?  Think about it for a moment.........what skills do you HAVE to offer!  Ater all this couple are going to be paying you to organise their wedding day!  

I've been planning weddings in Cyprus for the last 8 years.....give or take.  Prior to that I worked for an exclusive London company organising and planning events for the rich and famous!  I am lucky in the sense that I have always been quite artistic and love creating so......I CAN make wedding cakes.......I CAN create bridal and table decorations......I CAN make wedding and social stationery.......I CAN style and PLAN weddings and events large or small.  I'm a chef by trade......and I love food styling.  Makes me seem like wonder woman doesn't it?  Absolutely not but all these skills help me with my job on a day to day basis as a wedding planner!  It's a fabulous job and one that has made me a very comfortable living.....with a little bit of help I'm sure it could do the same for you!

I guess the point I'm really trying to make IS that you do need skills of some description......not necessarily my skills these are things that I LOVE to do and have come with years of practice.  Ask yourself this ONE you have any people skills?  If  NO then this job isn't going to be for you.......If YES then join me as I take you on MY journey as I plan some very important weddings.......possibly even your wedding!!!!!!

Over the next few months I hope to inspire you on your journey as a wedding planner!.......Firstly how we get our weddings?.......The office.......after all this is where it starts, this is where your organisational skills are paramount.......paperwork and legalities......your website, forums.....these play a very important part in your business.  Venues, costs, food, drinks, flowers, transport, photography, hairdressing, makeup, music, entertainment, pre-wedding meetings with clients...... you need some knowledge of these things just to get you started

In the not too distant future my life as a wedding planner in the Mediterranean will come to an end.......I will return to the UK and when I do I plan to set up my new business FLORA and GRACE which has been in the initial planning stages for sometime now.......very much wedding related, incorporating all aspects!  Over time I will share my plans for the future and how I plan to build my new business.......maybe you can inspire me!!!!!! 

Friday, 8 April 2011

The season is upon us!

Finally the wedding season has started yayy!  Today we host the wedding ceremony of Tricia and Andrew at Zucchini......sincerely hope it's going to be a sunny day (in Cyprus you would expect it wouldn't you)?  camera at the ready I should have some lovely photographs later......tomorrow we are marrying Carol and Pambos in our wedding gazebo........unusual in the sense that we don't normally have Cypriot weddings as you know our venue isn't large enough.......Saturday is an exception the wedding is quite small and I'm particulary looking forward to seeing Carol's's very different!

I have several jobs today to keep me staff in the kitchen....welcome!  I shall be styling the food today which I love and the venue and I have to open 300 lovely Avalanche roses for a some very simple, romantic table decoration tomorrow.  Managed to get some very cute (but very expensive) white spray roses and some fabulous white Hydrangea which I needed to take out an extra mortgage for......where do these importers get their prices from....lordy!!!!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011 on it's way!

Georgeous coral peonies......TO DIE FOR.......teamed with darker pinks, blush, white and some mediterannean bourganvillia to give a real summery feel to this beautiful photo shoot.  Again we have the use of fruit with flowers which I thinks works so give a wonderfully natural look to any table and venue setting.

I think summer is most definately on its way........don't you!

Beautiful styling Cynthia Martyn

Stunning photography Rebecca Wood

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Its time for a change!

Just to let you know my lovely blog will be having a name change from I do....and he does too to Flora and Grace.  Apologies if this confuses you but I am working towards a new venture which will be called Flora and Grace (don't worry Zucchini Weddings isn't going anywhere) and I need to gear my blog and its viewers towards this new name!

My blog format won't change for the moment....maybe it will just evolve and I can share my new venture with you as we go....can't this space!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Scarlett and Violet!'s not grannies sister's they happen to be the very talented, trendy London florists Scarlett and VioletI have always been hugely fond of their work and just happen to come across this photo shoot which I wanted to share with you.

Beautiful use of flowers and candles in this peach and coral design for what seems to be......a very important lunch.......similar to the kind of entertaining I had to do for that famous corner shop.... Asprey!

Peach and coral roses have been teamed with fluffy white peonies and tiny cornflowers and rosebuds displayed in different vases down the centre of the table......almost like a floral table runner.  Candles have been placed in between the flowers cleverly filling in any gaps between the vases......I love this relaxed, romantic look which could easily be adapted for styling your wedding tables.  This kind of design works well with very open blooms such as the roses and peonies so that you get almost a carpet of flowers down the centre of the table.......classy! 

Photo credit....... Scarlett and Violet