Thursday, 31 March 2011

Pale aqua French vintage.....divine

I think this table top photo shoot is beautifully romantic, fresh and invigorating........soft aqua tables and chairbacks teamed with the most subtle pink peonies........teamed with a hint of white and very pale yellow.  Fragile feathers add decadence to the stylish design with accents of silver in the gorgeous candelabras and candleholders.  This wouldn't be an Aileen Tran photo shoot without the trademark white orchids......and it's all in the detail this is what makes this mother and daughters teamwork so amazing.......detail, detail, detail.......everytime!

Photo credit Aileen Tran

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Very classy......very romantic!

I have a passion for tablecloths billowing onto the floor....exceedingly romantic.......well take a look at this one!  Fabulous......this is the latest boutique display in London's By Appointment Only Design ......I just love this fabulous little shop!

Monday, 28 March 2011

The Secret Garden.....

I just had to share these adorable pictures with you on my weekend of romance......I really feel that this wedding was meant to be the best kept a beautiful fairytale unfolding in the secret candlelit garden.

Very simple chairs laid out for the ceremony with a carpet of rose petals for the bride to walk to her groom. Lovely old stone walls full of sprawling foliage, beautiful waterfall feature and stunning steps with the odd romantic statue beautifully placed.......who needs flowers? The crystal chandelier hanging in the perfect spot as the couple say their vows to one another.......beautiful candlelit steps down to the stunning courtyard where the candlelit dinner was going to take place......lovely touches with the candlelit birdcage and glass jars full of ranuncula's and tiny orchids effortlessy just placed on the tables.

OMG the table.......ivory linen cloths billowing onto the floor......more crystal chandeliers and fairylights.......jugs of flowers with just a hint of colour, simple chalkboards with the menu and a backdrop of amazing foliage again..........this has to be ROMANCE at its finest........I almost feel as though I've intruded.......shall we leave them to it??????

Styling like this is easy to replicate providing you have a pretty venue to start with. There was no need for lots of flowers because of the very busy backdrop with the waterfall, old stone walls and steps......lush, green foliage provided the softness. Candlelight added to the already romantic feel to the garden. Statement pieces were most definately the crystal chandeliers which gave the venue an oppulent look. I have a passion for tablecloths that just drape on the floor (it takes all sorts....) it provides extra softness to the table setting. Well there you have it just add a few glass jars of flowers and you have the perfect setting for that ultimately, romantic wedding.......voila!!!

I'm sure you're going to view many venues before you finally choose the perfect setting for your special day. You will more than likely have planned the look you want to achieve.......just make sure the venue fits in with your vision of your day.

I did a little more investigation into this very pretty's a long way to travel all the way to Maui in Hawaii.......nevertheless take a look at the venue's website (not sure about the video under 'photo location'and what they're trying to promote wink,wink) and see the different looks they've created with with each wedding at this romantic venue just stunning.........enjoy!

Credit A Beloved Wedding

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Floral Genius.....Ariella Chezar

Kicking off my 'Pure Romance' weekend is a wonderful lady called Ariella Chezar she has to be one of my favourite floral artists to date.....I call her an artist because that's what her flowers convey to me.......pure works of art!

Ariella in her own words......."Some artists use flowers creatively to have an edge, to be different. I look to the flower growing in it's natural state as my inspiration. Rather than work against the inherent grace of each flower by packing them too closely together or forcing them to be uniform, I allow them breathing space to arch and move as they might. The possibility for drama comes in through the combinations of texture and color, which, whether contrasting or layered tone upon tone are always consciously thought out and never garish."

These beautiful pictures are just a taste of the wonderful floral artistry she manages to create...... I adore her use of flowers and fruit and the colour and texture combinations are stunning........they look effortless as though they have been picked and just thrown together in a vase........not an easy look to achieve.........unless of course you're Ariella Chezar!

Photograph credit  Ariella Chezar

All Weekend.......Pure Romance.....

All week I have been researching weddings that literally ooze ROMANCE with a capital R.  This is going to be pure romance weekend........all scribblings and photography from me will be about the most romantic weddings on our little earth........keep popping in........

I'm going to be paying partcular attention to styling that romantic wedding......after all it's the little touches that will get your wedding noticed.  I have been styling and planning wedding in the Mediterranean for the best part of nine years!  Sometimes I dream of styling the most beautiful English country garden soiree with everything green and lush, beautiful garden blooms, candlelight, get the picture......One day my dreams will come the meantime my little ole blog will get us in the mood.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Choccywoccydoodah......barking mad but brilliant!

Once upon a time their was a little chocolate shop in Brighton that shall be fondly known as Choccwokkydoodah.........translated this means shear, unadulterated brilliance!

I have just spent two hours watching the reality TV show about this amazing cake shop.........and it's even more amazing, slightly eccentric owner Christine and her chocolatiers.  Not normal in any sense of the the kindest possible way these guys are like something out of Alice in Wonderland.........if you managed to peep through the keyhole they would all be there in full technicolour.........BARKING!

I make cakes, I've worked with chocolate but you have to be very SPECIAL to come up with anything as off the wall as the cakes these guys design and sculpt in chocolate........I'm in awe........what an incredible bunch of people.....OH to have just ONE day in their heads........BRILLIANT!

Granted to have one of these cakes at your wedding wouldn't be anything slightly resembling a normal wedding cake.......but hey what a centrepiece.......I guess you would also need a few numbers come up on the lottery.......all great things have a price.

On that note I'm off to my bed to dream in fabulous TECHNICOLOUR CHOCOLATE!!!!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Don't Blush......

One of my favouite wedding stylists is the two girls from Karen Tran Florals look how beautifully they have covered and decorated plain, simple square vases........stunning!  The fab thing from a styling point of view is the fact that I can take one vase and transform it into any colour I can do the same for your wedding!  All it takes is your chosen material, a crystal brooch....or two they don't have too match, maybe some ostrich feathers, add your favourite flowers.......hey presto a decoration looking a million dollars.

Photo Credits Karen Tran Florals

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Pretty Sparkles

J'adore this bouquet stem detail! I love the brooch and the pretty ribbon collar under the this something you would like on your bouquet?

To be honest I haven't been a fan of wrapping stems right to the bottom of the bouquet.......until now!  At least the bouquet in the picture looks complete and finished with all the pretty diamante detailing........LOVE IT!

Diamante brooches watch this space........I have a lovely idea for glass vases which I hope to photograph today! 

Photo Credits Darin Fong

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sweet dreams.........

Its only Sunday afternoon dreaming!  I've put together a completely over the top inspiration board.....good grief the flowers alone would cost an arm and a leg.......hey we can dream can't we?  What I love about the overall picture is the romance and the sheer dreaminess of this look........beautiful soft creams, ivory and pale golds and lots of stunning candlelight.  I love all the glass on the table at the bottom of the collage everything just catches the light beautifully!
The gorgeous Elie Saab gown finishes the look.......but what about the bed (a bed on an inspiration board you may well ask) I fell in love with this god......Alex would hate all those cushions, maybe a bit too much for the honeymoon night it would take at least half an hour to get into it........I LOVE IT........and don't forget we are dreaming so anything goes!

Sweet dreams!!!


Some more lovely pictures of The Elysium Hotel grounds.......taken this morning with my own fare hands......enjoy!

Anyone......for tea

Every Sunday morning I take myself (Alex comes too) off to The Elysium Hotel in Paphos......why?  I love it I manage to sneek away for an hour to get my head around the week ahead of me......and have a lovely cuppa of course.

This week I took my's been a beautiful Sunday morning, the sun was shining and I thought........why not share my morning with you, take some lovely pictures and post them on my blog. The hotel is lovely and many of my brides have stayed there over the years.  The grounds are beautiful as you can see.

If you are thinking about a few nights of luxury for your honeymoon......spoil yourselves take a look at I've only managed to photograph just outside where I was having my tea but I have stayed there and visited many of the rooms when delivering flowers to my brides........Highly recommended and the tea is lovely!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Don't forget........ Mum

Nothing to do with weddings for a change.........but you could earn yourself some brownie points!

Take a look at this scrummy boxed set of cookies for Mothers Day. I would love this (big hint Jamie if your reading your mothers blog........) if it was given to me as a pressie!

Take a look at the customcookieco and make your Mum..........very happy!


I came across this perfect idea for those of you marrying in the Zucchini! Little satchets of sunscreen displayed in a pretty bowl for your guests to help themselves!

I'll have a look around tomorrow to see if it's possible to get sunscreen wipes.......these would be ideal, inexpensive but very useful for those guests who didn't think about covering up. You wouldn't believe the sunburn I've treated over the years.......not to mention the rehydration satchets I've handed out. I do have my uses you know!!!!!


Very cute! Pretty flower girl parasols just the ticket for the sunshine here in Cyprus! If you manage to buy plain parasols you can customise them to match your colour scheme/theme.

Just perfect!

Back to nature!

I found these wonderful favour boxes on my internet the mixed colours, lets face it gone are the days when everything has to match on the wedding table.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Chartula.........pure elegance!

Simply beautiful laser cut stationery chartula founded in 2003 by designer and illustrator Charlotte Hewson, Chartula Studio originated on London's Portobello Road, creating beautifully designed, exquisitely printed, couture stationery, for the sophisticated and style conscious.

I love Chartula stationery, very intricate, very beautiful and they have a DIY collection as well as their exclusive bespoke service.