Sunday, 27 February 2011

Lets Talk Zucchini

Over the next week I want to introduce you to Zucchini my exclusive wedding venue in the sun. I love pictures so I thought what better way to show you round than lots and lots of pictures. To do this I've created some extra pages to my the top of the home page you will see the topics menu where I am going to put some of my favourite photographs from over the last nine years of sublime weddings at this exclusive venue.

I hope you manage to pop in from time to time this week and join me as I rekindle some very fond memories.........and what better way to start than a picture of my son, Jamie and his stunning wife Liz on their wedding day with me three years ago.

Finishing off my Sunday quest for the most beautiful wedding frock take a look at my daughter-in-laws.........its up may not be Valentino but wow its the business!

A Close Second!

Following my VALENTINO SPOSA discovery today I think a pretty close second is the stunning couture of Peter Langer........what do you think?

The Frock......that dreams are made of!

OK I'm fairly talented at quite a few things to do with weddings, food styling, cakes, flowers, decoration and my new venture dresses aka frocks isn't really my bag, until today! I have no idea WHY I have this idea in my head to talk about wedding dresses on my blog. I don't follow fashion at all, I think I only own one frock and a designer suit to my name! I see at least a hundred different brides each season come through the doors of Zucchini..........they all look beautiful but I have no interest in wedding frocks until I discovered the ever so beautiful, stunning, edible frocks of VALENTINO I'm captivated! I think its inspired me to at least research fashion for my blog........being a fashion novice maybe you can help me out a little.
OMG what gorgeous creations they are.......granted you have to be like a stick insect to fit into one of these divine frocks, maybe that's my fascination to be this slim, if only. I have no idea on the price of such fine couture.......but nevertheless I'm besotted with this Valentino Sposa dress. Lets face it my chances of having such a frock is just sooooooooooo non existent because I don't plan on getting married again, anytime soon. However I can look at pictures, I can share them with you and we can all dream together.......and if Euro Millions comes in next week I'll buy one just for fun.

Stunning Zoe Clark

Beautiful wedding cakes by Zoe Clark........spring really is in the air!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Watch out there's a Magpie About!

I just adore the stunning work of Emma Bakkers at Vintage Magpie!

I can only describe her vintage bouquets as complete works of art that have taken many, many hours of time, love and dedication to make. Best described by Emma herself 'my designs are authentic, handcrafted, bespoke, heirloom bouquets'........she did forget to say beautiful and that's exactly what they are.

Emma, her mother who she fondly calls Ma, her new husband also fondly known as The Dutchman are all florists and have a lovely little shop in Hungerford in Berkshire, Martin and the Magpie........checkout martinandthemagpie Almost like a fairy story Emma simply had a dream one night about a bride carrying a very sparkly bouquet........very soon after Vintage Magpie was born. Emma's motto is 'follow your dream' and she did just that. Today she is making beautiful bouquets out of vintage materials, brooches, feathers, pearls and anything that sparkles I think you will agree her work is very special.

Emma also writes a fabulous blog........very amusing vintagemagpie.blogspot and she has much of her work on view. There is also a website for her vintage bouquets vintagemagpie.

I gather from reading her blog she mainly does bespoke work although shortly you will be able to sample 'her ready to wear collection' from the shop on her website! We look forward to it Emma!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Ahhh......The Chiltern Street Boutique!

By Appointment Only Designs fabulous boutique! I want a beautiful wedding boutique like this one day.........anybody want to buy an exclusive wedding business in Cyprus?

One Mayfair.......all the beautiful peeps were there!

Some of my fondest memories were working in Mayfair in London which is why I'm extremely jealous not being fortunate enough to attend this very exclusive event. The fabulous show hosted at One Mayfair was aimed at profiling prestigious events and showcasing weddings. The company involved in hosting this glamorous evening were the ever talented By Appointment Only Design, along with Brides Magazine. This creative team of individuals are based in a beautiful little boutique (my dream) in Chiltern Street, Marylebone Village in London. The two guys who run this exclusive venue are Javier and Tony, who I'm told are absolutely delightfully charming gentlemen.

Javier and Tony at BAOD claim, 'our fresh approach to organising celebrations, dinner parties and weddings will inspire and delight you. Each event is unique and we draw on our experience to look after every detail of your event,' and they do........ I've heard nothing but glowing reports and with a very successful show under their belt it will surely only bring greater things. I really doubt if they need such accolade I hear they have a very exclusive client list hidden in that little black book. The charming boutique in Chiltern Street is situated on two floors with the first floor bursting at the seams with beautiful blooms and some unique interior pieces. Down below I believe is where they host their 'Wedding Lifestyle Concierge Service' to you and I their wedding planning services! If you are lucky enough to be able to request their services you will be chauffeur driven to and from their London boutique where you can just sit back, sip champagne and let them expertly plan your entire wedding day, how luxurious and what could be more simple?

All the latest names were at One Mayfair for this glamorous party last Friday! Polly Atkinson Lifestyle Editor of Brides magazine, Jonathon Attwood from Last Supper, dresses by Jasper Conran, Vera Wang, Matthew Williamson and Nicholas Oakwell Couture. All jewellery was by Magpie Vintage! Sublime stationery created by Paul Antonio Scribe and Cutture. Can you guess who the cakes were other than Peggy Porschen from her delicious Belgravia cake boutique.

This list of suppliers is endless but I gather all the guests were treated to the girls from Passionata performing some wonderful classical opera whilst they sipped Iceberry Vodka kindly sponsered by Signature Lifestyles.

I'm sure, as with so many of these events that I have been lucky enough to attend in the past this show was absolutely divine........sooooooooo jealous I wasn't there! We will have to make do with a couple of pictures!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

A very chilly moment.......just beautiful!

These pictures have to be some of my favourite pictures to date!

Trash the dress.........what a thought! However one of our beautiful brides Donna did just that and what stunning photography.

Now you can watch Donna & David Wakeham on 'You Tube' courtesy of Stan McDermott Still Photography NI. Get in touch with Stan at or just watch the video.

A very chilly moment and hugely different from David and Donna's scorching hot wedding day with us at Zucchini in Cyprus!

Scrummy favours

I just love these favours! I have found two companies who make these adorable cookie favours which will look great on any wedding table.

They can be colour co-ordinated to match any colour scheme and you can have different ones for girls and boys.

Check out Biscuiteers and the Custom Cookie Co

Oh and Biscuiteers are doing a William and Kate royal cookie box for the 29 April 2011.........lovely!


You're just so organised!

Just a lovely touch!

I can't tell you how many times I've visited the brides room on the day of her wedding (usually delivering flowers) and witnessed an awful plate of stale sandwiches on the table, courtesy of the hotel.

I have found the perfect solution..........why not present your bridesmaids and not forgetting yourself with one of these stunning little picnic lunch boxes!

Each box can be personalised with names and a little thank you message. You can keep the boxes simple and have just snack items with little bottles of water, or be completely decadent and have little bottles of bubbly with their own straw!

If you have more than the bridal party in the room, as we often do why not offer them a few different boxes with some delicious snack items..........little sandwiches, cheeses, vegetable sticks and dips, pieces of fruit and what about some bubbly or a nice bottle of chilled wine, pretty about some delicious cupcakes?

Such a nice touch and it beats those plates of stale sandwiches plus what happy bridesmaids you're going to have!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Just lovin hydrangeas

Beautiful hydrangeas usually found in the ever so English country gardens look fabulous in bouquets and table decorations.
Not cheap and as we get to July and August I wouldn't recommend them as a cut flower in your displays because they wilt quite quickly in the exreme heat in Cyprus! Having said that outside of these two hot months we can get away with using these lovely blooms.
If you are looking for that vintage look hydrangeas come in muted greens with a hint of pink or blue they look fabulous - all pictured above.
Obviously 'Mulberry' also thought hydrangeas were fabulous too and have used them in their latest advertisment! I have also found some other pictures using hydrangeas in bouquets, on cakes and on chairs which I thought were very pretty!