Sunday, 20 February 2011

You're just so organised!

Just a lovely touch!

I can't tell you how many times I've visited the brides room on the day of her wedding (usually delivering flowers) and witnessed an awful plate of stale sandwiches on the table, courtesy of the hotel.

I have found the perfect solution..........why not present your bridesmaids and not forgetting yourself with one of these stunning little picnic lunch boxes!

Each box can be personalised with names and a little thank you message. You can keep the boxes simple and have just snack items with little bottles of water, or be completely decadent and have little bottles of bubbly with their own straw!

If you have more than the bridal party in the room, as we often do why not offer them a few different boxes with some delicious snack items..........little sandwiches, cheeses, vegetable sticks and dips, pieces of fruit and what about some bubbly or a nice bottle of chilled wine, pretty about some delicious cupcakes?

Such a nice touch and it beats those plates of stale sandwiches plus what happy bridesmaids you're going to have!


  1. Wow! Love this idea! Kim... Can you provide snack boxes like this so I can give to some of the wedding party before we leave for the wedding? Such a special little touch. Laura x

  2. I'm sure I can Laura! Email info@zucchiniweddings and we can discuss? I love this idea just a lovely touch. x