Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Hopelessly addicted to Twitter & The Sims

Yes its all coming out I am an addicted to Twitter and Tweet several times a day. I just love it I follow all the celebs and other interesting people as well. Some celebs you thought would be interesting are just plain boring and vice versa. Are they really who they say they are? You get to know very quickly who are the real thing and who puts up a fake site claiming to be someone they are not. Jonathon Ross and his wife theferrettprincess are very amusing but not as amusing as when Lindsay Lohan the actress was on (she has been removed now) she was barking mad, obviously on all sorts of mind enhancing substances making her babble on and on. Seriously you couldn't make head nor tail of a thing she said.

My latest addiction is The Sims I've even registered at EA games for the Sims 3 out in June, how sad is that (I was obviously deprived as a child). Truth is I don't even play the game very well, I have already starved my virtual family, they died in bed so they got bulldozed. Yesterday I wanted to move them into another house because mine is too big and I can't keep up with their antics. Thought I was being clever and looking on the internet to find out how to move them, some stupid person gave the wrong advice and I lost not only the family but the big house as well - gutted have to start all over again tonight.

Alex loves it at night because I play the daft game and he gets to watch the football!

The kitchen at work, or not!

Just happened to have the camera in my hands as one of my chefs Sandra makes a complete mess of my new floor in the kitchen - she kind of looses it while whipping the vanilla tart filling
The kitchen is getting up to speed preparing as many wedding cakes as possible in advance. As I have said we use the quiet weeks to catch up. Graham my other young chef in training is making the canape quiches, but he insisted vetting the photo before it went on the internet (how vain). On closer inspection he was horrified at what he thought was a bald spot, at 19 I think not Graham.

Todays the day!

Today I am going to go public with this blog and my new website for the Zucchini Design Studio. When I go public I mean to my Zucchini brides and grooms who have been waiting patiently for quite a while now, well certainly for The Design Studio, the blog is something I have been keeping as a surprise ha, ha!!!!

Leanne Golder was my diary bride for last year and married with us last week at Zucchini I take it from the lovely wedding report on my forum that Leanne and her guests all had a fantastic day - well done Leanne writing such a detailed report I know the girls just love to read them and see the pictures.

The Design Studio website still needs some work on it in the way of samples of my work but this is going to take time. I have gone live with it slightly unfinished because I know that the search engines take 4/6 weeks to pick the site up. Anyway you can place orders through the site from my online boutique and if you want something but don't see it in the boutique please contact me at and I will come up with a design for you. As an insentive to Zucchini brides who want order save the dates or wedding invitations the postage will be absolutely free of charge. Any other stationary, I always give Zucchini brides a small discount on the list price anyway.

The weather in Cyprus is fabulous with lots of sunshine for those of you who are due to fly out shortly. We look forward to meeting you all and after all that planning I'm sure you are looking forward to your pre-wedding meetings and seeing Zucchini for the first time?

Over the next few weeks I will be posting lots of different topics (Zucchini related of course) plus some different pictures on this blog - perhaps coming from a more personal angle than I am able to do on the forum, which really is an excellent information site and a place for you girls to meet.

I thought we might have some behind the scenes shots, maybe different photographs of getting ready for a wedding. Anyway somewhere on here is a place where you can be added as a follower - so don't be shy follow me on this blog and read about what we really get up to behind the scenes at Zucchini.

Happy reading X

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Time to reflect

Well with 7 weddings in 9 days it's been very hectic and we now have a break to catch up! I sincerely hope all our couples over the last weeks have enjoyed their day and have long and happy marriages together.

What do we get up to when we have some time? Well we all still work Lorraine will be fulltime in the office, booking forms will be coming in slowly and getting processed. I am nearing the launch of my website and going public with this blog. Alex catches up on his paperwork while his front of house team spruce up the restaurant and outside. My chefs catch up on cakes and desserts as well as a deep clean for the kitchen.

I will be taking a flying visit back to the UK to see my new grandaughter next week - just a long weekend. My son Jamie is a big softy and loves family time so I must make an effort and fly home to see them all - maybe I can fit in a Tesco's fix as well.

The diary is looking very busy for 2010 could be a bumper year for Zucchini. If you are in Tesco's, WH Smiths, Waterstones or you are on the Amazon website have a look out for a small magazine called Weddings Abroad (they also do other topical magazines as well) we have a double page advert (featuring my son and his wife Liz - well I didn't need their permission to use photographs did I). The advert looks great and we hope it will help with people looking to book last minute, seems to be working we have had huge traffic on our website over the last week and a couple of enquiries, as planned all last minute looking for a venue to host their reception.

Well I must jump in the shower and get up to Zucchini - staff de-brief this morning on the last 9 weddings, wish me luck! Speak later Xxx

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The start of our wedding season!

Well here we are ten weddings into the season and so far so good! Lots of new staff who are all coping remarkably well considering some of them have never been involved in weddings at all.

Today is the wedding of Leanne Eldred who very kindly has been writing her wedding diary for me on the Zucchini forum for the last year - well done Leanne and thank you once again! No easy task but she did a great job going in at least once a month and letting us know what she has been up to leading up to her wedding today. Alex and I presented her with a nice bottle of Veuve Cliquot Champagne at her pre-wedding meeting as a thank you. If you want to be our next diary bride please contact Lorraine at the Zucchini office and we can give you some details.

With the recession hitting us all like a very large sledge hammer who new what to expect for 2009? We have had a couple of cancellations due to one or other of our couples losing their job, which is so sad when you think of all their planning and then no wedding.

Some excellent news my son Jamie and his wife Liz had another little girl yesterday welcome to the world Phoebe (Stephanie) hope to meet you later in the year - well done Mum and Dad.

Their is however a sad story behind her second name Stephanie. Jamie had a friend called Stephanie, his age 28 we all lived in the same house in London when Jamie and Stephanie were born. Chantelle her mother often worked late so I would have Stephanie in the morning so that Chantelle could have a lie in, well sadly Stephanie was diagnosed with cancer last November and died three weeks ago leaving behind a little two year old boy called Jake. Very, very sad at such a young age but it makes me think that we should count our blessings everyday I'm sure that Stephanie wishes she was here to count hers - Godbless Stephanie and her mum I know Chantelle is devastated and feeling very lost and alone they were very close.

Well weddings beckon I will pop back later and fill you in on todays events.