Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Todays the day!

Today I am going to go public with this blog and my new website for the Zucchini Design Studio. When I go public I mean to my Zucchini brides and grooms who have been waiting patiently for quite a while now, well certainly for The Design Studio, the blog is something I have been keeping as a surprise ha, ha!!!!

Leanne Golder was my diary bride for last year and married with us last week at Zucchini I take it from the lovely wedding report on my forum that Leanne and her guests all had a fantastic day - well done Leanne writing such a detailed report I know the girls just love to read them and see the pictures.

The Design Studio website still needs some work on it in the way of samples of my work but this is going to take time. I have gone live with it slightly unfinished because I know that the search engines take 4/6 weeks to pick the site up. Anyway you can place orders through the site from my online boutique and if you want something but don't see it in the boutique please contact me at and I will come up with a design for you. As an insentive to Zucchini brides who want order save the dates or wedding invitations the postage will be absolutely free of charge. Any other stationary, I always give Zucchini brides a small discount on the list price anyway.

The weather in Cyprus is fabulous with lots of sunshine for those of you who are due to fly out shortly. We look forward to meeting you all and after all that planning I'm sure you are looking forward to your pre-wedding meetings and seeing Zucchini for the first time?

Over the next few weeks I will be posting lots of different topics (Zucchini related of course) plus some different pictures on this blog - perhaps coming from a more personal angle than I am able to do on the forum, which really is an excellent information site and a place for you girls to meet.

I thought we might have some behind the scenes shots, maybe different photographs of getting ready for a wedding. Anyway somewhere on here is a place where you can be added as a follower - so don't be shy follow me on this blog and read about what we really get up to behind the scenes at Zucchini.

Happy reading X

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