Thursday, 16 April 2009

Time to reflect

Well with 7 weddings in 9 days it's been very hectic and we now have a break to catch up! I sincerely hope all our couples over the last weeks have enjoyed their day and have long and happy marriages together.

What do we get up to when we have some time? Well we all still work Lorraine will be fulltime in the office, booking forms will be coming in slowly and getting processed. I am nearing the launch of my website and going public with this blog. Alex catches up on his paperwork while his front of house team spruce up the restaurant and outside. My chefs catch up on cakes and desserts as well as a deep clean for the kitchen.

I will be taking a flying visit back to the UK to see my new grandaughter next week - just a long weekend. My son Jamie is a big softy and loves family time so I must make an effort and fly home to see them all - maybe I can fit in a Tesco's fix as well.

The diary is looking very busy for 2010 could be a bumper year for Zucchini. If you are in Tesco's, WH Smiths, Waterstones or you are on the Amazon website have a look out for a small magazine called Weddings Abroad (they also do other topical magazines as well) we have a double page advert (featuring my son and his wife Liz - well I didn't need their permission to use photographs did I). The advert looks great and we hope it will help with people looking to book last minute, seems to be working we have had huge traffic on our website over the last week and a couple of enquiries, as planned all last minute looking for a venue to host their reception.

Well I must jump in the shower and get up to Zucchini - staff de-brief this morning on the last 9 weddings, wish me luck! Speak later Xxx

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