Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The start of our wedding season!

Well here we are ten weddings into the season and so far so good! Lots of new staff who are all coping remarkably well considering some of them have never been involved in weddings at all.

Today is the wedding of Leanne Eldred who very kindly has been writing her wedding diary for me on the Zucchini forum for the last year - well done Leanne and thank you once again! No easy task but she did a great job going in at least once a month and letting us know what she has been up to leading up to her wedding today. Alex and I presented her with a nice bottle of Veuve Cliquot Champagne at her pre-wedding meeting as a thank you. If you want to be our next diary bride please contact Lorraine at the Zucchini office and we can give you some details.

With the recession hitting us all like a very large sledge hammer who new what to expect for 2009? We have had a couple of cancellations due to one or other of our couples losing their job, which is so sad when you think of all their planning and then no wedding.

Some excellent news my son Jamie and his wife Liz had another little girl yesterday welcome to the world Phoebe (Stephanie) hope to meet you later in the year - well done Mum and Dad.

Their is however a sad story behind her second name Stephanie. Jamie had a friend called Stephanie, his age 28 we all lived in the same house in London when Jamie and Stephanie were born. Chantelle her mother often worked late so I would have Stephanie in the morning so that Chantelle could have a lie in, well sadly Stephanie was diagnosed with cancer last November and died three weeks ago leaving behind a little two year old boy called Jake. Very, very sad at such a young age but it makes me think that we should count our blessings everyday I'm sure that Stephanie wishes she was here to count hers - Godbless Stephanie and her mum I know Chantelle is devastated and feeling very lost and alone they were very close.

Well weddings beckon I will pop back later and fill you in on todays events.

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