Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Hopelessly addicted to Twitter & The Sims

Yes its all coming out I am an addicted to Twitter and Tweet several times a day. I just love it I follow all the celebs and other interesting people as well. Some celebs you thought would be interesting are just plain boring and vice versa. Are they really who they say they are? You get to know very quickly who are the real thing and who puts up a fake site claiming to be someone they are not. Jonathon Ross and his wife theferrettprincess are very amusing but not as amusing as when Lindsay Lohan the actress was on (she has been removed now) she was barking mad, obviously on all sorts of mind enhancing substances making her babble on and on. Seriously you couldn't make head nor tail of a thing she said.

My latest addiction is The Sims I've even registered at EA games for the Sims 3 out in June, how sad is that (I was obviously deprived as a child). Truth is I don't even play the game very well, I have already starved my virtual family, they died in bed so they got bulldozed. Yesterday I wanted to move them into another house because mine is too big and I can't keep up with their antics. Thought I was being clever and looking on the internet to find out how to move them, some stupid person gave the wrong advice and I lost not only the family but the big house as well - gutted have to start all over again tonight.

Alex loves it at night because I play the daft game and he gets to watch the football!

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