Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Back from the UK

Well what a trip! Far too tiring just going to the UK for three days I had too cram too much into such a small space of time. I met Phoebe for the first time - very cute and so well behaved, Isabella and Holly were on form and very active, Jamie and Liz really do have their work cut out not sure I envy them too much!

Had a very interesting trip too Bath just outside of Bristol. I absolutely fell in love with the place and its where I will live once I decide to return to the UK - in the future of course, don't worry I'm not giving up on weddings just yet! Apart from Bath there were numerous trips to shops that I don't have access to here in Cyprus. Now I'm not a great shopper but you do have some great shops back there - you lucky people!

We are currently re-vamping the website it desperately needs it. Yesterday we added a new section called 'Wedding Albums'. The idea is that you email us your wedding photographs and we will upload them as a slideshow on our website. We can either put all of your album on or your favourite photos, its up to you.

Another new option is Blue Olive the sister restaurant to Zucchini will now become available for weddings. This venue will be for those of you on a slightly tighter budget but still want all the nuts and bolts of a Zucchini wedding. We won't be offering an a la carte menu but we will be offering buffet and meze. The venue is very bright and modern, the perfect place to have a wedding - OK so you don't have the Zucchini view but this restaurant is situated in a beautiful, tranquil setting in Coral Bay. The food will be fantastic and of course you will benefit from our expertise in organising weddings.

Another idea, still in the thinking stages is organising weddings for couples wanting to get married in Cyprus but not using our venues - it does happen some people do want to use a hotel or another restaurant. If this is the case - fine but they will be able to benefit knowing they are having their wedding organised by a professional company.

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