Friday, 8 May 2009

The end of the week

Really can't wait for the weekend it can't come soon enough!

Lovely wedding yesterday with Natasha and Paul everything went very smoothly indeed. Monday we marry Karen and David who I met today at their pre-wedding. Karen is very excited and can't wait until Monday arrives - colour theme orange and cream.

As you know last weekend I was in the UK and it was very hectic so this weekend I want to re-arrange my terrace and hopefully get it ready for my summers entertaining. And of course there is my Sims game which I neglected last week - eagerly awaiting Sims 3 on the 5 June 2009 - hurrah! New house, new family lets hope I don't manage to starve them to death like I did my last Sims family. I really try and not go up to Zucchini at the weekend other than to feed and walk Nikki and Norman otherwise I feel that I am never away from the place. Occasionally I have to pop in to The Design Studio if I have an order to get out or get something out for the chefs for Monday. The problem is we only live over the hill from Zucchini and its so easy to just pop into work.

I have also decided that there needs to be a little more ME time, after all I spend enough time looking after other people (quite happily of course). Firstly I really have to address my fitness, but I hate the gym so I am going to get a walking machine. Its the only gym equipment that I like so maybe there's a chance I will keep it up and actually improve my fitness - fingers crossed.

Apart from fitness and my terrace not very much goes on in my life. I will of course be working everything around Alex and the football even my son who loves football thinks Alex's obsession about it is crazy. In fact I figure that if his obsession with work was as bad as it is with the football we would be millionaires by now! Well thats my theory for now.

I think Paphos is finally dry after our very wet weather of late. The grass on the surrounding hillside has already gone brown and the humidity is starting. Nights are still slightly chilly but bearable. At least I don't have to worry about every wedding thinking its going to rain and the gazebo drapes getting wet, and the poor couple who have come all this way to get married in the sunshine. Alex always gets very stressed if the weather is dull and I constantly have to remind him that its the one thing that we have absolutely no control over. - none at all!!!

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