Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Frock......that dreams are made of!

OK I'm fairly talented at quite a few things to do with weddings, food styling, cakes, flowers, decoration and my new venture dresses aka frocks isn't really my bag, until today! I have no idea WHY I have this idea in my head to talk about wedding dresses on my blog. I don't follow fashion at all, I think I only own one frock and a designer suit to my name! I see at least a hundred different brides each season come through the doors of Zucchini..........they all look beautiful but I have no interest in wedding frocks until I discovered the ever so beautiful, stunning, edible frocks of VALENTINO I'm captivated! I think its inspired me to at least research fashion for my blog........being a fashion novice maybe you can help me out a little.
OMG what gorgeous creations they are.......granted you have to be like a stick insect to fit into one of these divine frocks, maybe that's my fascination to be this slim, if only. I have no idea on the price of such fine couture.......but nevertheless I'm besotted with this Valentino Sposa dress. Lets face it my chances of having such a frock is just sooooooooooo non existent because I don't plan on getting married again, anytime soon. However I can look at pictures, I can share them with you and we can all dream together.......and if Euro Millions comes in next week I'll buy one just for fun.

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