Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Watch out there's a Magpie About!

I just adore the stunning work of Emma Bakkers at Vintage Magpie!

I can only describe her vintage bouquets as complete works of art that have taken many, many hours of time, love and dedication to make. Best described by Emma herself 'my designs are authentic, handcrafted, bespoke, heirloom bouquets'........she did forget to say beautiful and that's exactly what they are.

Emma, her mother who she fondly calls Ma, her new husband also fondly known as The Dutchman are all florists and have a lovely little shop in Hungerford in Berkshire, Martin and the Magpie........checkout martinandthemagpie Almost like a fairy story Emma simply had a dream one night about a bride carrying a very sparkly bouquet........very soon after Vintage Magpie was born. Emma's motto is 'follow your dream' and she did just that. Today she is making beautiful bouquets out of vintage materials, brooches, feathers, pearls and anything that sparkles I think you will agree her work is very special.

Emma also writes a fabulous blog........very amusing vintagemagpie.blogspot and she has much of her work on view. There is also a website for her vintage bouquets vintagemagpie.

I gather from reading her blog she mainly does bespoke work although shortly you will be able to sample 'her ready to wear collection' from the shop on her website! We look forward to it Emma!

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