Saturday, 2 April 2011

Scarlett and Violet!'s not grannies sister's they happen to be the very talented, trendy London florists Scarlett and VioletI have always been hugely fond of their work and just happen to come across this photo shoot which I wanted to share with you.

Beautiful use of flowers and candles in this peach and coral design for what seems to be......a very important lunch.......similar to the kind of entertaining I had to do for that famous corner shop.... Asprey!

Peach and coral roses have been teamed with fluffy white peonies and tiny cornflowers and rosebuds displayed in different vases down the centre of the table......almost like a floral table runner.  Candles have been placed in between the flowers cleverly filling in any gaps between the vases......I love this relaxed, romantic look which could easily be adapted for styling your wedding tables.  This kind of design works well with very open blooms such as the roses and peonies so that you get almost a carpet of flowers down the centre of the table.......classy! 

Photo credit....... Scarlett and Violet

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