Monday, 11 April 2011

Stressed does happen!

As a wedding planner not all your brides are going to be super excited brides.....some of my brides have been planning their wedding for so long they've confused themeselves and have no direction at all......then you have a bride like daunted by the day this was going to be a chore to her not the most important day of her life......or was it?????

Well yesterday I married Carol and Pambos in our wedding gazebo and it went beautifully (pictures coming soon).  When I first met Carol at my office some weeks ago (this was a last minute wedding for me) she was so unexcited about her wedding which is unusual for a bride normally they can hardly contain themselves......I needed to get to the bottom of this!

Carol was incredibly stressed and very daunted about the day ahead and she had absolutely no idea how she wanted her wedding to look.....she had chosen the dress and her colour scheme but that was vision regarding anything else.  My mission was to try and find the kind of a look that Carol would like......we needed to start somewhere so we sat at the computer and I showed Carol lots of pictures (no time for inspiration/mood boards...not on this occasion anyway)! 

When I have a situation like this I always start with the bouquet.  If I can establish her likes and dislikes in this department....believe it or not I'm almost home and dry.  Very quickly it became crystal clear what my bride liked and what she didn't like.... we had colours, we had flowers and we had a style......amazing you see it was in there somewhere!

Once we had chosen the bouquet I had some direction......her dress was a deep aubergine the colour of the swatch in the left hand corner of the picture below with ivory and accents of gold.  Carol initially liked the idea of a dark red rose to match her dress but finally settled on the classic white, ivory and green colour scheme......super safe but also a very romantic look which I had now established Carol really liked.

My job as Carol's wedding planner/organiser was by no means over I still had her wedding to organise and style and of course deliver on the a potential wedding planner how would you have changed Carols attitude towards her day.....think about it?

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