Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Fresh as a daisy.....well gerbera actually!

Loving the fresh as a daisy look!  Lots of whites, ivory and green for Lesley and Steven yesterday as they said 'I do" in the beautiful sunshine in our gazebo.

Lesley changed her shade of green colour scheme a couple of times before we decided on a lime green organza to compliment her white gerbera, lilies and roses.  I'm not a huge fan of gerbera but I thought they worked well with the white Oriental lily and the beautiful Avalanche roses. 

Nothing formal regarding the flowers just simple glass vases filled with structure to the design we really wanted flowers that looked as though they had just been thrown actual fact this is quite often a harder look to achieve!  As you can see I had quite a bit of help from the Zucchini menagerie who insisted on keeping me company all morning....... meet the family Squinky the cat, Athos my baby, Nikki the boxer and Norman......well Norman's Norman......thanks for the help guys!

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