Sunday, 24 April 2011

Wedding inspiration boards......on wedding planning weekend!

I love pictures......I love a visual story so what better way to document all your lovely wedding ideas with an inspiration board.....or mood board!  Those of you who don't like computers will have to make do with the old fashioned scrapbook......which works equally as well.

I very quickly put this pretty pink inspiration board together from the picture library on my computer.....using Picasa I managed to produce this picture collage......very simple and effective!  I started with a beautiful Elie Saab wedding dress and worked my ideas around this picture.  Whether you are a potential wedding planner or a bride organising her own wedding these visuals are invaluable helping you build a clearer picture of the wedding day........and you can have so much fun with them as well!

My job as a wedding planner would be so much easier if all my brides produced such a visual picture.  I organise weddings from a distance UK to Cyprus....sometimes it is difficult to get ideas across via email and I don't always have the luxury of meeting the bride until she arrives about a week before her wedding.  If I had an inspiration board emailed to me.....hint, easy life would be!!!!!  No...seriously give it a go you'll be surprised how quickly your wedding themes and colours and ideas come together so easily and if your undecided on WHAT COLOUR to go for an inspiration/mood board will really help you get a clearer picture......print it off, email it, share it with your friends and family......most of all ENJOY!

Photo Credits
Dress by Elie Saab
Pink diamonds by Tiffany & Co
Floral Design by Ariella Chezar
Wedding Cake by Choccywoccydoodah
Peggy Porschen Shop
Perfume by Vera Wang

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