Friday, 29 April 2011

It's all in the detail.......cute!

It really is all in the detail......small, medium, large details get your wedding noticed and make your day stand out just that little bit more!  I am so lucky to be involved in lots of weddings each year and I love my job......I guess everybody has a favourite part of their job and a non favourite.....I'll keep that small detail to myself  uh hummm!  I really love styling events and this is where details play an important part in your day!

I'm always looking for unusual......'not on the highstreet' bits and bobs to eventually stock at FLORA AND GRACE (I promise to fill you in on this quite large detail this weekend) and of course introduce at Zucchini. 

One little find this morning on my internet travels (whilst thinking I really MUST get going and get into work - party for 90 today) were these stunning little ring pillows from my favourite site Etsy.  Ring pillows really won't be missed if you absolutely don't have one......but as I've said it's all in the detail and these ring pillows are particularly pretty.....lovely if you have a tropical theme....maybe choose really bright colours or tone it down if you're having a lovely pastel, floral theme.....anyway I think their fab!

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