Sunday, 1 May 2011

My royal the beautiful couple William and Kate!

Whether you love them or loathe them (I'm in the love camp) you can't help but take your hat off to the gorgeous royal couple William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge..... and not forgetting the palace for pulling off what Hollywood could only dream of!....Awsome, fantastic, beautiful whichever way you wish to describe this unique day it brought a country and the rest of the world together to celebrate!  I am truly proud to be British......and I don't give a damn who thinks otherwise!!!!!!

We hear so much doom and gloom everyday at the moment....from war to universal disasters everywhere. We look in the press and there goes yet another catastrophe or a poor soldier losing his life for his country.  Friday the 29 April 2011 changed that mood and if only for 24 hours we were immersed in a day that my beloved fairytales were made of (I love a're never too old)!  Great Britain was truly GREAT again and it was sooooo badly needed AND we need more moral boosting days like this good did you feel on that wonderful day?  I currently don't live in the UK and haven't done so for 9 years......I will be returning in the very near future to the country I NEVER stopped calling home....I can't wait.....being away hasn't been easy and I've always missed home.  If there was to be a downside for me on Friday it was NOT being home to witness this spectacular day.

Luckily for me I have a very thoughtful husband who projected a very large screen onto the restaurant wall so that we could watch the wedding at work.....I had a very large function that evening so time was of the essence!  Even my younger members of staff, who I thought wouldn't be a bit interested were glued to the screen.  As history unfolded you couldn't help but be proud of how wonderful this wedding truly was...the pomp, the ceremony, the Abbey, the architecture, the choir, the bride and the groom the whole event was to be marvelled at from beginning to end.....I was spellbound!

I could go on and on but I'll spare you that however, I will come back at some point to look at the wedding in more know the little bits and bobs that we love on this site.......for now I'm going to leave you with some pictures that I thought were fabulous of the day itself and one or two of the oldies.....enjoy!

The grandparents on their special day......As heir to the British throne, the then princess 21, married the 26 year-old naval officer who prior to their wedding denounced his title Prince of Greece and Denmark to become Lord Philip Mounbatten.

It has been said that Catherine looked very much like this princess on her wedding day......Princess Grace of Monaco.  Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly having met only twice before, the oscar winning actress, 26, wed Monaco's Rainier 32, in the extravagent ceremony at the Cathedral of St Nicholas on 19 April 1956.  Her iconic wedding gown, crafted by MGM costume designer Helen Rose was equally fitting for a Hollywood princess featuring 25 metres of silk taffeta, 98 metres of silk tulle and 300 metres of Valenciennes lace.

The loving couple prior to their big day!

Far too dashing for words Princes William and Harry!

The mother in law...looking beautiful we can see where Kate gets her looks from!

The lovely Earl Spencer, Princess Diana's brother!

Mr John and Mr Furnish....well turned out!

Mr Lock Stock himself Guy Ritchie!

The lady in red Miss Josh Stone!

Socialite Tara Palmer Tomkinson

Prince Albert of Monaco with fiance Charlene Wittstock former South African swimmer.

Mr and Mrs Beckham.

Her Majesty!

The star of the show arrives!

Introducing Caroline Elisabeth Middleton.......Our future Queen of England!

Miss Pippa Middleton

Not a bad day on the whole....what do you think Philip?

With this ring.....I thee many times have I witnessed these words over the years?

The future King and Queen of her life will change from this minute on?

Glorious day darling!

The honorable salute!

The most eligable batchelor in the world.....Prince Harry......Mum would have been sooooo proud!

My dress is caught!

The line up!

    Kiss number one!

Lets try again.......just in case!

And they lived happily ever after..........awwwwww!

Oh I almost forgot Charlie boy!!

All pictures courtesy of My Wedding Concierge

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