Sunday, 8 May 2011

Lovin the lilac wedding!

What an amazing week......three beautiful weddings that all went to plan!  One of my lovely brides contacted me way back last year to book her wedding and commisioned me to make her stationery.......which I was delighted to accept.  Its always great to be involved in the wedding from the start it gives me the chance to really look in detail at the design we are going to follow throughout the wedding.....and this one didn't disappoint.

My bride Kelly loved lilac......then white, add some silver......oh and some sparkle to finish off.  I wasn't entirely convinced about adding silver cardstock to the lilac as well as adding white and sparkle.....but it worked.  I tend to use two different fonts on my stationery but Kelly wanted only one script font.....and what the lady wants the lady gets!!!

When it came to the flowers I was given a budget and pretty much a free hand with flower choices.  Lilac flowers types are fairly least they are when you have to consider heat and harsh sunshine.  I chose to use my trusted old faithful the 'Avalanche' rose, a very pretty lilac rose 'Avante Garde', lilac and white freesia's, white llysianthus and a lovely white oriental lily.  In the wedding gazebo decorations I added verbena, stocks and molluscella.......unfortunately the lilac stocks came in quite purple but I went ahead and used them because in the strong sunlight the colours slightly washed out and toned down.

Kelly's table layout was a pretty sweetheart table.....just for the bride and groom and six round tables.  On Kelly's table we had a full length floral table decoration and on the guest tables, floral decorations with candles.  The overall effect was very dreamy and romantic......I loved it and so did Kelly and Michael.

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