Tuesday, 23 August 2011

It's vintage style.....but it's glam!!!

Just started working on some stationery samples for Flora & Grace which has been fun and fabulous!  I've ordered some gorgeous lace and diamante embellishments for both wedding stationery and my flowers....they are in the post as we speak.

So I had to use bits and bobs that I currently had in the studio.....those of you who read my blog will know that I'm terribly fussy when it comes to's personal taste....I KNOW.....but how can I design something that I don't like.

I have used cardstock in pretty duck egg blue and mallow a very pale lilac teamed with matching ribbons, a touch of lace and then I made these little diamante and pearl embellishments to give that little bit of sparkle and a touch of glamour.  These delightful invitations come in a full range of colours and design can be changed slightly....I'm only showing a sample of a pocketfold invitation, favour box and can have menu, order of service, tableplan and table names/numbers.....the list just goes on!

All my stationery that you see over the next few weeks will be available instore at Flora and Grace in January 2012......and if you can't make that trip to Bristol you will be able to order details.

If your looking for fun destination style invitations......maybe your marrying's some flipflop pocketfolds that I made for a client about two years ago.....just found the picture in my old camera and thought you might like to see!

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  1. Hi Kim, just thought I'd post a comment to say how much I'm loving the blog. I see you've updated it with more beautiful pictures and ideas for your boutique which all look and sound amazing! Brides of Bristol and beyond are sure to love the new Flora & Grace. Keep up the good work and I'll keep enjoying reading it! Laura x