Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Beautiful gazebo ideas!

I've been searching the internet for stunning gazebo ideas for next years weddings in the UK!  Karen Tran my trusted all time favourite came up with the lovely lilac idea......I also came across a very pretty white gazebo.....what do you think!

Lovely lilac and white with just one or two peonies and orchids.......aggggh the costs!!!

Lovin the idea of the crystal drops and dangles!

This is dreamy, white and very romantic....perfect!

Just starting to build my portfolio for UK weddings....pretty much clued up on weddings abroad but the style  back home is slightly different.  I have lot's of ideas for styling venues, especially where the couple have their ceremony........!

I'm not keen on couples just standing in a room or space to get married.....I like the idea of them being surrounded by surreal beauty as in the pictures above.......definately the need to create that stage or backdrop....... after all this is possibly THE most important performance of their lives.

Lets face it we all love a bit of romance.....don't we?

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