Thursday, 27 August 2009

Too much going on

Well just when you think you get a quiet moment with no weddings what a chance to catch up on things. Thats fine until you realise a huge gremlin crept in when you had your back turned and put a spanner in the entire works.

My colour laser jet printer, almost brand new and my pride and joy well its printing nasty spots over everything. This isn't your small printer it had to be delivered on a pallet so you can imagine the size. Well I can tell you I know evey roller inside of the damn thing and I've cleaned everyone - to no avail! So lets try and call a technician - in Cyprus you must be joking! Then I call a company that I ordered a new set of toner cartridges from 800 Euro for the set a bargain eh! They have lost all track of my order, can't find it anywhere and the girl who was supposed to order it is on holiday until next Thursday - could it get any better oh yes we'll order you another set - only six week lead time on the delivery agggggggh!!

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