Sunday, 24 January 2010

Here we go again 2010

Its going to be a fantastic year and to start 2010 with a bang I am giving this blog a facelift! We need to talk weddings, we need to talk Zucchini, we just need to talk!

My problem is time to write my blog on a regular basis - but as my New Years resolution I'm going to find the time - I promise! So encourage me pop in on a regular basis and see what I have got to say about weddings and Zucchini.

For the best part of seven years I have been organising weddings for hundreds of couples and one day when I come back to the UK - don't fret Zucchini brides I did say one day not for a long time yet - I want to use my experience and organise weddings back there. I had dinner with friends of mine the other evening, we actually married them four years ago at Zucchini and have remained great friends ever since - they have a villa in Peyia and visit on a regular basis. Well we got talking about weddings and Lesley told me that her daughter was marrying back in the UK in a very typical English counry wedding. Although they were all chipping in to help her daughter had hired a wedding organiser/wedding co-ordinator this young girl was booked up for two years in advance organising weddings - wow! This got me thinking, and it's a subject that I will cover at a later date is a wedding organiser a must and are they worth what they charge?

We organise many weddings at Zucchini and understand fully that you are trusting us 2.500 thousand miles away to organise your wedding. For those of you who don't know us we are a very organised team dedicating the entire wedding season to delivering your wedding on the day and making you feel as special as we possibly can.

Zucchini is a dream venue and we are the dream team to help you organise what is to be one of the most important days of your life. The office is open Monday to Friday and Alex and are on hand to help if you have problems or you need some advice over the weekends. We have a fabulous forum which has all the information that you need about your ceremony and Zucchini - so do pop onto the website and have a look

Welcome to our world of weddings!!!

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