Thursday, 19 February 2009

Cyprus in the rain and disastrous blunders!

My God it's weather for ducks only! If you are planning to come to Cyprus shortly' bring a wet suit its rained for days and days, but we do need the rain badly and it's been one great worry for this year, where would our water come from?

Its certainly been a week of surprises thats for sure and people that I know making terrible business blunders. I think some people must walk around with their hands over their eyes, blindfolded. Who in their right minds would open a new business in light of our drastic economic crisis?

What's happening in the UK will affect us badly here in Cyprus. We rely mainly on tourism and expats bringing their money to the island. Firstly the Cypriot hasn't cottoned on to the fact tourism will be on its knees - do they not read! Secondly the expats are leaving in their drones because the exchange rate with the sterling pound and the euro has badly affected their pensions and savings and they cannot afford to live here.

The first thing the expats stopped doing was eating and drinking out so why would you suddenly open a bar or a restaurant/cafe bar? Well you wouldn't, but people all around me are doing just that.

Cyprus has never been cheap to take a holiday or to live, I know I have been here seven years and in light of what the UK have been suffering opening a business here is suicidle - watch this space.

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