Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Love letters straight from the.....HEART!

I love letters....I love receiving letters!  Do you remember waiting for the postman.....waiting for that all important letter or was so exciting!  Well I really think letter writing is on it's way most definately will be at Flora and Grace if I have anything to do with it.

If you look back....go back as far as the war years and beyond many great love affairs were carried out purely through letter romantic just waiting for that letter to drop on the mat, then sneaking off to read the words of your loved one in private.....hellishly romantic....don't you think?

At Flora and Grace I am designing some social stationery......starting with some very special personalised notelets I think these make wonderful gifts.  All designs will be presonalised with your name/names, address, telephone number and email address.  Their will be 6 or 12 flat cards with your chosen design and details on the front....your notes can be handwritten on the back of the card. Each card has a matching envelope and will be presented in a gorgeous box tied with matching ribbon and tag for you to put a message.

The notelets can be purchased like this or you have the option of each box being adorned with a beautiful diamante embellishment for that extra special touch to your gift.

Here are some of my designs so far......available exclusively to Flora and Grace in 2012!

Hope you like them......I will upload a completely finished set with box, tag and embellishment tomorrow!

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