Saturday, 2 July 2011

So it is worth all the effort....thank you!

It's a job we do like anybody else....we go about our daily business without really thinking about what we's our job after all.  As we come closer to the day when we finally close the doors at Zucchini emails like the one below.....which I received this morning really do make me stop and think MY GOD am I doing the right thing giving up this lovely business and all this hard work....after all look at the wonderful thanks we get........only time will tell. 

Thank you Mr and Mrs Meyer you've made the Zucchini team very happy and brought a lump to my throat thats the second time this week!

Dear Kim and Alex

Just a few words to say a heartfelt thank you for your contribution towards making their wedding day such a huge success.

Your organization of the ceremony and execution of it was simply fantastic. The quality of the food was excellent and the venue and decoration of it, absolutely stunning. I cannot over emphasis how delighted we were in finding that the trust we had place in your services was so highly rewarded. It gave us much pleasure knowing our guests were enthralled, having travelled long distances, to find themselves in such splendid surroundings enjoying wonderful hospitality.

Please also convey our appreciation to Karen, Rachel and Bernie for their endless patience, helpful advice and professionalism. From first contact and throughout, we can truly say that you and your team were magnificent.

It was for Anni, James, Peter and I collectively, the greatest day of our lives to date and we all thank you for helping make it a wonderful occasion for everyone.

Our very best wishes to you all

Moira and Peter Meyer

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