Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Perfect Palette

Just perfect!......If your looking for colour ideas then hop over to Chrissies blog The Perfect Palette she really does put some very unusual colours together that work beautifully.  Its all done using inspiration boards (a bridal must remember)?

This is what Chrissie has to say about The Perfect Palette........

How did The Perfect Palette come about?

What started out as a hobby has really blossomed into more than I could have even imagined! I started this blog while planning my own wedding in hopes to put all my thoughts down on paper so to speak. As I went through the planning process I found myself sitting down in front of the computer for hours on end just in awe over all of the swoon-worthy photos that are floating around in the world of wedding blogs! I found myself saving photos and dreaming of ways that I could bring those photos to life in our wedding! In order to create a collective idea of what I wanted our wedding to be like, I began collaging my ideas together using various color palettes!

Creating inspiration boards soon became an obsession of mine. I was making sometimes five to 10 a day! Once I had determined our 'perfect palette' I started offering to create inspiration boards for other brides-to-be just because I love to help other people! And then one day, someone asked me if I had a blog? At the time I did not...and so the Perfect Palette was born! Now, almost three years later, I still enjoy enabling a bride to see the full picture of her wedding day! I am so lucky to have you all as my readers and I hope that if you have a friend or family member getting married that you will recommend that they come check out my site!

Colour is so very important to the overall scheme of your wedding reflects your personality and the mood of the day.  What I love about the Perfect Palette is the way Chrissy uses more than one colour to create her inspiration boards.......some colours I wouldn't actually think to put together........seriously she really does make you think about what colours look good together.

If you go to the COLOURS index in the menu at the top of her blog you can search by colour.......Take a look I spent ages clicking through colours and choosing my favourites.........and heres one of them!

Photo credit The Perfect Palette

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