Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Nice to be back on Flora & Grace....

Great to be back blogging after what was supposed to be just a weeks visit back to the UK......the visit was only a week but the backlogue of work since returning has been enormous!

Just before I left for the UK we had a huge explosion here in Cyprus which destroyed our main power Zucchini brides thankfully are all up to date on this problem which hassles us daily at the moment!  I am keeping all my wedding couples posted on the power cut crisis on the Zucchini forum. Lets keep the blog for the happier things in life!

Anyway onto those happier UK visit was a huge success and where I didn't actually plan to buy a flat and take a lease on a boutique but that's exactly what exciting!!!!  I can't actually divulge too much about the shop at the moment due to the fact we are in the process of trying to sort out the lease.  Needless to say Flora and Grace will have the perfect start in life from this very sweet premises in Clifton, Bristol and whats more I will be able to walk to work from my new flat.....scrummy.

Planning for the shop must now begin quite seriously and whereas I do have a whole host of ideas and some suppliers I must get these on paper.....and this blog after all this is the Flora and Grace blog for the boutique so much of my planning and ideas will be aired on here for all to read......maybe you can let me know what you think as we progress?

Well great to be back and posts will resume as the week goes on............yippeeeeee!!!!

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