Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The WOW factor......will your wedding have it?

When I say the WOW factor I mean walking into a room and having your breath literally taken away with the picture that unfolds before your very eyes......thats the WOW factor......will your wedding have that WOW factor!  WOW doesn't mean spending hundreds and thousands of pounds on flowers and decoration......although this would be nice, in reality it isn't going to least not for the majority of on maybe I should eat this statement!  This will be my first of many posts on the Wow factor and how you can achieve this in every aspect of your wedding.......whatever your budget.  First of all we will look at this subject in general terms before breaking it down into individual sections of your wedding day.  The example I'm using below won't be everyones cup of tea.......but it's a fine place to start......and its most definately mine and heh I write this blog so I get to choose our first example!

I decided to write this post after literally having my breath taken away by a picture posted on Twitter by a lovely company By Appointment Only may remember I posted on their beautiful boutique back in March this year!  Javier and Tony (I don't know them personally) not only plan weddings but they have a very special boutique in London's trendy Chiltern Street where they operate a very exclusive wedding concierge service for their brides and grooms.  The boutique stocks beautiful blooms, bouquets, delicious chocolates, fragranced candles, gifts and unique interior pieces.......I love places like this just brimming with ideas!  The picture featured is sooooo very stunning a wedding that the guy's have recently been involved with.  It certainly blows my comment about not spending hundreds and thousands of pounds on flowers well and truly OUT OF THE lets break it down into bite size chunks.........what is it that I find so breathtaking about this picture and WHY does it have that WOW factor for me.......firstly take a look at what I'm rambling on about.......

Photo credit......By Appointment Only Design

I dread to think how much was spent on flowers........certainly more than most us could ever dream of spending......nevertheless it got me thinking!  You have to give it to the guys at BOAD this is first impression is the overall softness of the colours and how beautifully they blended with the room giving it this very serene, very easy on the eye look........and most definately the WOW factor! 

At first I thought what an awful carpet....but look how the gold on the plates and glasses complimented the gold in the carpet......whether this was a clever working of detail or not it worked for me......its all in the detail.......I keep telling you this!  Look at the very oppulent room.......beautiful columns dominating the room......crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, floor to ceiling windows dressed with wonderful drapes......what a fabulous backdrop.......think about it and just for a minute and go on......remove all the tables, chairs, have a bare room.......what would you do with it......where would you start you have a blank canvas.......I bet your still thinking........?

You see not so easy!   How would these tables look with just a small vase of flowers on........maybe a fish bowl........lets face it this ain't going to work it?  The answer is most definately NO but what you have done for a couple of minutes is have you given your venue......wherever it maybe that amount of thought?  Or have you just gone ahead with whatever scheme has taken your fancy and put it in regardless?  For some of you who are having your reception at my venue won't have seen the place unless you were lucky enough to have a visit to Cyprus prior to your wedding.  Zucchini is very much a blank colour.....low ceiling, neutral floor......white chairs this was intentional so that you could put any colour scheme into the room without having anything to dominate.  I guess not all venues are fortunate enough to have this blank canvas setup so you need to give your venue a great deal of thought.....I promise you it will be worth all your efforts.

In my follow up post......later we will look at the room above in more detail before we go on to looking at other venues choices.......every wedding needs a venue.......make sure your's is right for you!!

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