Thursday, 23 June 2011

WOW factor.....#2

In my previous post I was looking at the beautiful wedding room orchestrated By Apointment Only Design......what a stunning room....beautiful flowers.......the subtle lilac lighting behind the awsome each decoration there was just a splattering of lilac roses to catch the mood of the lighting. If you notice each table decoration was very different they just shared the overall scheme of the same flowers.  Everything about the room and what their clever team had achieved was subtle, easy on the eye and quite stunning!  Even the cake had pride of place before the main wedding table.....why hide it in a corner it was far too pretty to be out of sight!

This wedding obviously had a very large budget.......lucky them I hear you saying......having said that I would imagine the search for the venue was like any mear mortal, long and arduous even though they had the help of these talented two guys.......choosing the right venue FOR YOU is important.  Lets take my venue....Zucchini what has made it the choice of many brides and grooms over the last nine years.......without a doubt the view because this is the first thing that couples see when they look on the internet or walk through my door.  How many times have I heard WOW THAT VIEW ITS TO DIE FOR.......and it is so I have quite an easy job styling my venue to suit each couple!

I have spoken in previous posts about Mark of the finest wedding planners today.....I follow him on Twitter.  On Tuesday he had a very large wedding at a very well known venue in the UK......certainly a venue that you would expect to provide THE MOST amazing service......apparently not so Mr Niemierko tweeted that evening..... Sorry for my lack of tweets today but I've spent most of the day teaching the staff at C..........N all about 5 star service!  I was very surprised but it just goes to show 5 star venue isn't necessarily 5 star service.......but most definately it will be 5 star prices!

The moral of this story is research your venue well.......once you have found something that you think has that WOW factor go through it with a fine toothcombe.....leave nothing to chance.  If it's possible to dine at the venue do so.......if not arrange a tasting.......look at more than one menu....will they tailor it to suit your it seasonal produce that they're using.  How are drink prices compared to elsewhere....what brands are on offer.  It really is worthwhile sitting with your partner and compiling a list of questions before visiting the venue.....look for any hidden there a venue hire charge......if using more than one room is there a charge......remember to check what you are allowed to do with your room regarding decoration.......what is permitted within the venues guidelines!

I know in certain hotels in Paphos you actually get charged for every space that you occupy on that day......appalling and then you end up dining with the rest of the hotel guests later on.  I must keep off this enough said!  Have fun in your search for your dream venue......and shortly we will be looking at different types of venues and different styling options......and don't forget those of you in the West Country I will be available next year at Flora and Grace if you need some help with your wedding planning!

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