Sunday, 15 May 2011

Thank you Laura......perfectly inspirational!

Thank you so much Laura for sharing your inspiration board with us at Flora and Grace!  In Laura's own words read what she has to say about her board and how she brought it all together and as easy it was to produce.

I used Picasa to create the collage. I began with a picture of my wedding dress first and put this in the center. I think this is a good starting point when doing one of these boards, as lets face it, the dress is probably the first thing bought for a wedding!

Next I searched through the endless pictures I have collected while trawling the internet for fabulous wedding pictures of pink and green and anything else that leaps out at me. I love vintage themed weddings and the whole Alice In Wonderland tea party style look. I have been like a little magpie these past few months, cutting and pasting every image I adore!

Some, I look back on and have deleted from my computer, as I've found the look I want to create for the day has slightly changed, however I really think If I hadn't found many of these pictures I probably wouldn't have such a clear idea of the style of wedding I want now. Then It was just a case of positioning my favourite and most special images around my dress.

Easy peasy! The best thing about doing one of these inspiration boards is that you really do get a clear idea of the colours, mood and style of day you are looking to acheive! For anyone who is unsure about colours or other details, this is a great way to see exactly which ones work best together.  You could even create several boards and see which one you like best.

There you have it the perfect snapshot of Laura's ideas for her wedding day!  Fabulous effort Laura and I really think we have proved the point that inspiration boards DO WORK.  If I was viewing Laura's board for the first time as her wedding planner straight away I can see her colour scheme of soft pinks, greens and creams.  I have the dress so that's a huge start, I have vintage bird cage with pearls and vintage style stationery.......what I have infront of me is Laura's vision of her day for waiting for me to just embellish!

Now how easy was that?......Come on download Picasa NOW!  I look forward to receiving your inspiration boards your ideas to me don't forget to tell us about your ideas and how you started putting the board together!

Thanks once again Laura you've been a real inspiration to us all and I look forward to planning your wedding with you!  I will be in touch next week about your flowers!


  1. Hi Kim, it's lovely to see my picture board on here and pleased it's given you an idea of the things I like. Keep up the good work with the blog, I love reading it! Laura x

  2. Great work Laura! Lets hope we can add a few more inspiration boards on the blog I really think they're a very useful tool when planning a wedding!