Saturday, 14 May 2011

Inspiration.....where do you start!

I've touched on this subject in posts gone by and thought it was about time we discusssed this in depth.  Where do brides get their inspiration from?  The obvious starting point for all prospective brides has to be wedding magazines and the internet surely?

When I very first started organising weddings at Zucchini  I asked my brides to keep a scrapbook.....the best scrapbook got a prize if they managed to bring it to their pre-wedding meeting!  Thankfully technology has moved on and thank god it has those scrapbooks took up valuable luggage space.  Nevertheless I saw some fabulous specimens and handed out a few bottles of bubbly for their trouble.  My point was to get my brides really thinking about what kind of day they really wanted.

Now the buzz word is inspiration/mood boards......fabulous idea.......but do you know where to start?  Well its easy enough I use Picasa which is a free download from Google that helps you organise, edit and share your photo's.  I love it's simplicity.......their are other downloads available but I've got used to Picasa and it suits me.....I hate anything too complicated.  If you haven't got Picasa give it a go it's free what have you got too lose? 

I would really love to start featuring your insiration boards on my blog.....I think it would be fun and a fab learning curve for those of you who have never tried creating an inspiration board before.  It would be great to discuss a featured board each week....we can use the comments box below the post for questions and answers on each project.....come on lets have some fun!!!!!!!  Just submit your inspiration board to me at I will make sure......if we get enough to feature one board a week and I will pen a little write up on your you will need to add some wedding detail to your email.  I already have a board waiting in the wings to be published from a Zucchini bride.....Laura......this is by no means exclusive to just Zucchini brides I would love to hear from you wherever you are and wherever you're getting married.

Just a few pointers to get you started.....the whole idea is to collect pictures of inspirational ideas for your wedding day.  You could start with your dress.... flowers....or maybe just a you have a picture of your wedding or ceremony there a cake that you've just got too have.....or a bridesmaids dress you can't live without?  Start by building a small picture library on your computer collecting photo's that you like even if they don't seem relevant at the maybe a pair of that you wouldn't dream of wearing on the big day, a veil, a tiara, table centrepieces........come on PLAY.....have fun and eventually you will find you've created your perfect wedding day collage.....and whats more we can feature it on FLORA AND GRACE for all our readers to see!

Laura's inspiration board will be our first and a Sunday don't forget to stop by tomorrow and catch up with Laura's inspiration board and wedding planning so far!  Come on download Picasa and get started we're all waiting to hear from you.....don't disappoint us!

Happy planning!

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