Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Beautiful Photoshoot!

Last week we were incredibly lucky to have the very talented Alex from Alexander James Photography in the shop to do a beautiful photo shoot for a new invitation which I recently designed for Flora & Grace.

Thank you to Alex for the lovely images we are extremely grateful for all your time and the results were stunning.

The idea behind the shoot apart from getting fabulous images was to finally send off a sample of our new Shabby Chic range to some of the national wedding magazines.  The photo's worked extremely well and we are going to be the editors choice in May's edition of Wedding Ideas magazine as well as an online magazine Ideal Bride.  You and Your Wedding are possibly going to use our invite in their next wedding shoot....they'll be in touch!  Not bad going eh?

The invitation itself is printed on pearlescent paper and card with a centred pearl and AB crystal embellishment.  The colours are nude and white and grey and white.....we can produce other colours if you so wish but it does lend to the slightly murky colours giving it that vintage glam feel.

This is just one of our lovely designs.....if you would like me to design your wedding invitation I would be delighted to do so.  Design and consulation are still absolutely take advantage and make that appointment!

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