Thursday, 4 August 2011

Wedding fever!

This week has been fantastic.....slightly manic but with four weddings what do you expect?

No seriously, lovely week with four very different weddings ranging from the small and intimate to the slightly larger soiree we've had a ball.  I did manage to get some pretty pictures which I will post later today!

My week so flowers started off on Monday with beautiful ivory mini calla's moving on to a hot pink and purple theme.......I also did personalised namecards, menu's and order of service for this wedding......very summery.  The flowers were beautiful, very....JUST PUT TOGETHER look....which I love.  I used the stunning 'Sonia' rose which is hot pink, purple Llysianthus and purple Veronica intermingled with white and hot pink lilies.....looking forward to showing you the pictures later.  Today I have ivory Avalanche roses with lilac Freesias for the more romantic look.....then tomorrow we have Scottish wedding which I am incorporting the Thistle......again we have a white and purple theme.  Gemma is having a vintage cupcake theme and she has brought a lovely cake topper from Leah I'm looking forawrd to showing you this it's very sweet!

See you later with photographs.......have a good day!


  1. Would love to see photos from the weddings! I'm sure they're all lovely.

  2. Can't wait to see more pictures!! X