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I know I keep on about Flora & Grace being different......but I always have tried thinking outside the box when it comes to business......I did this with Zucchini and it worked there still isn't a venue in Cyprus that could provide the kind of wedding with full, bespoke services that we offer to our lovely brides and grooms.

If I enter the current wedding market with the same ideas as everyone else my business is going to sit in this niche market of current trends......I really don't want that for Flora & Grace I want individuality, I want to stand out from the crowd, I WANT to be different........and I will succeed in doing just that? 

One very important thing that I did with Zucchini Weddings was to never, ever offer a package was totally against my beliefs.  How do you decide who deserves the platignum package and who deserves the silver.....Well you guessed it the availability of funds will determine that roll of this dice......Where is the individuality, why shouldn't each couple have exactly what they want for their special day?  That was my philosophy for Zucchini and that will also be my philosophy for Flora & Grace?

When I do my research on anything I always look at the very best the industry in that particular field has to offer.......Why not start at the top.....after all they didn't get to the height of their profession by being awful now did they?  Over the last few months of serious research I have come across some fabulous people, ideas and products all of which, somehow I will incorporate into Flora & Grace......I may have to change things slightly, I may have to tone some stuff down but generally I'm aiming for the very best I can find for my clients and my business.

So to work.....lets start with some very beautiful table design details......I came across the most amazing company in Southern California offering table linen hire for weddings, private and corporate occasions Wildflower Linens take a look at their website....seeing is believing!  Here are a few of my favourite napkin details......

Beautiful take a peek at their chair and table coverings......unbelievable and I haven't even scratched the surface with these few pictures.....I've spent hours on this site!

Photo credit......courtesy of Wildflower Linens!

This has been a truly inspirational website for me I hope you enjoy it's to ideas.....oh and individuality.......

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