Monday, 6 June 2011

At last some time for my blog.......

Back to work on my blog hurrah!  It feels like I've been away for weeks not updating my blog that I love so much......anyway I'm back......only 3 weddings this week so plenty of time to catch up on news......I've missed you all......and catching up with all my other blog readings and my never ending research on the internet!!!!!

After finally breaking the news about Zucchini I think we should talk forward planning and so many people have asked me about the new project......what is it going to be....where is it going to be.....I figured it would help me if I documented some more over this next week......time permitting I am going to attempt a mood/inspiration board on my new venture to see what you think?  It's definately called Flora and Grace (explanation at the ready shortly about the name) as you will be retail and it will be in Bristol......Oh and without a doubt very much wedding out BRISTOL are YOU READY...........for the Zucchini team?

One thing I've absolutely loved about this season so far is the can read on the internet and all the glossies about the latest colours but seeing these materialise and seeing if THEY get it right is another matter altogether!  I can happily say this years colour has been CORAL......and how beautiful is this colour?  Pink seems to have dissappeared making way for this stunning colour not quite orange.....not pink.....not quite peach.......very difficult to get ribbon to match but I love it!  Another adorable colour scheme is taupe teamed with blush fact taupe that almost has a hint of pink as well......I'm almost sure I put a picture of this colour scheme on the wedding gallery with one of the bridesmaids from about two weddings ago....anyway we will catch up on this later.

Pleased to be back....sooooo much to talk about this week.....speak later!

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