Sunday, 29 May 2011

All good things.......must come to an end!

True is the case with Zucchini.......yes folks at the end of October this year 2011 when all your weddings have been completed Zucchini will finally close it's doors after 9 years!

A very sad time for Alex and I and a decision that has taken us many, many agonising months to make.  The reasons for doing so........well there are many......when all good things come to an end you try to justify the reasons why?  The main reason is this case mine after I broke my foot last year and had to have an emergency operation this flagged up a number of other health issues that needed addressing and sorting out but they are ongoing.  Nine years is a longtime to be away and I have always called the UK it's time to go home.........we will be starting a new business and catching up with three cheeky little girls Isabella, Holly and Phoebe our grandchildren and my son Jamie and his wife Liz and all the other family and friends we have missed so much over the years.......can't wait.

For those of you who read this and are gasping in horror we definately won't be going before the end of the season.  Our last wedding is in October and its ONLY after we have completed this will we be closing the doors.  Zucchini Weddings the name is NOT for sale we will be taking the name and website back to the UK.......however the venue and it's fixtures and fittings are FOR SALE if anybody wants a fabulous restaurant with a stunning view!

The new business back in the UK is wedding related after all we must know something about weddings by now........surely?  The name is you guessed it FLORA AND GRACE and will be up and running by early Spring next year!  I shall be posting to later to let you know what Flora and Grace is all about......some of you may have guessed?

Until then lets all enjoy Zucchini's last season..........and go out on a high....yeayyyyy!

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