Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Hello Sweety!

Gorgeous favour idea! Come on we all love those old fashioned sweets.......sugar mice, shrimps, coca cola cubes, rhubarb & custard........I could go on with my list but you get the idea?

I've found these very pretty boards that would hang on the wall at your reception venue. Colour co-ordinated packets of sweets have been pinned to each board for your guests to take. In this instance all the sweets are pinks and reds but you could use sweets that would match your colour scheme! I think they would look even better if each packet was personalised and the board had a big EAT ME sign at the top.........I love the very wide ribbon to hang the board on the wall and you could even follow this theme onto your cupcakes..........why not have them decorated with the same sweets?

1 comment:

  1. Fabulous idea Kim! I've seen this in lots of wedding magazines & even themed around Alice In Wonderland with old fashioned crockery used for the tables & little tags wrapped around each bottle of wine reading 'Drink Me'. Love the idea of using old fashioned sweets. Minature sweetie jars look pretty filled with sugar mice & dolly mixtures. What a sweet idea! Laura x