Friday, 4 March 2011

Eat meets West.......It's only jelly!

I love jelly.......I love blancmange in all it's stunning colours! Any party worth going to should have jelly!

At the London Fashion Week back in September 2010 they did just that........all the BEAUTIFUL PEEPS were treated to a fabulous party by official jellymongers Bompas & the fashion show production of Tata Naka.

When you see fashion shows, presentations etc, you see a whole production and that's what this was a superb production featuring beautiful models, divine 1950's clothing and a spectacular jelly party!

I find it facinating how these productions are put together by such talented people........I mean where do they get the idea to team such beauty and elegance with........ jelly for heavens sake? The ever so smart party peeps were treated to the jelly party after the show. Fabulous jellies were served in vintage cups and saucers with no less.........than a silver spoon to scoop up the wobbly miniature creations.

The tables also had some stunning blooms in a spectacular range of colours as well as some very pretty vintage artefacts, just love the parrot. If you are lucky enough to be having a dessert table at your wedding why not include the jelly theme? Imagine all those colourful, jewel like puddings taking pride of place on the table.......a cupcake stand full of jelly, maybe we can start a new craze?


Photo Credits Olympus Digital

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