Friday, 21 January 2011

I just love this studio!!!!

Good morning from Paphos! Not a day for weddings in the Mediterranean people. Very wet and dark but we need the rain badly and I would rather it rained now. Weather like this is going to keep me hauled up in my office today. Absolutely desperate to get on with my stationery design and post some more pictures.

Wedding research has been ongoing this week and I'm loving all the paper lanterns, all shapes and sizes and pretty coloured jam jars with candles. Candles so romantic surely an every wedding MUST. I must get on with my cupcake pricing I remember promising you for this week, hopefully today! Laura (one of my brides) has emailed some lovely pictures of butterfly cupcake holders that I can apparently get from Amazon if they re-stock.

I will be in touch later today but take a look at this stunning little workshop! I know I have a view to die for but I fell in love with this - so damn pretty!

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  1. Ohhhh I love these pictures too!! So vintage! Ive got an appointment next friday for the bridesmaids dresses. Pink & green will be the colour scheme. Im thinking pink dresses for the girls with accents of green in the flowers. Im excited about finally getting the dresses sorted but nervous too! Love the blog Kim, excellent idea! Just so you know.... Its 4 degrees here in sunny Kent so dont be too upset by the Paphos rain! Laura x