Thursday, 9 December 2010

Beautiful wedding cakes!

When I worked in London there was always the IN know what I mean? The in crowd could be anything from fabulous event planners to beautiful cake designers, fashionable florists they were THE companies..... just for the moment or at least until the next in crowd came along.

Generally the in crowd were only hired by the rich and famous, lets face it who else could afford them? Nevertheless they were always there in the swish magazines, opening fashionable restaurants and clubs, posh galleries and the corner shop like the one I used to work in.

Well obviously the IT GIRL in stunning cakes at the moment is Peggy Porschen and wow what beautiful cakes they are too! I managed to find a couple of photographs to wet the appetite but her website was giving nothing away (in the way of pictures) so go on feast your eyes on what the beautiful people are paying top dollar for at the moment

The shop is in the ever so posh Belgravia in London and it appears Peggy was a pastry chef at the Laneseborough Hotel and Rhubarb Food Design both of whom I know very well. With a CV this good no wonder her cakes are so fabulous..... I mean who ever thought of designing a wedding cake after being inspired by an Oscar De la Renta wedding dress - Peggy Porschen of course!!!!

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