Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Shop till you drop or budget!

With a global recession still threatening a lot of jobs - despite being told we are coming out of it finally - who can we believe? Thank goodness the sterling rate is improving against the euro which isn't great for me if I want to send money back to the UK but for you guys getting married here in Cyprus it really does help!

Zucchini always has held it's head above water because quality seems to get us through tough times. Having said that we have experienced more cancellations than in previous years, purely because one or both partners have lost their jobs.

For those of you lucky enough to still be going ahead with your weddings I'm sure most of you are still going to have to work to a tighter budget. It's not impossible - we help couples with their budgets all the time and help them get the best for their money. I think when you start to plan you tick every box available which is natural you want your day to be fantastic and you have a picture in your minds of what you want on the day - it's easy to get carried away until you realise everything costs money!

At Zucchini we are so lucky to have such amazing views that if you decide not to go overboard with decoration it doesn't matter - the views speak for themselves the guests are always gobsmacked at where you've brought them too for your reception.

Where can you budget? Flowers, reception decoration, drinks being careful on these few things will help! Lets take bridal flowers obviously it's important for the bride to have what she wants on her special day but do you have to have posies for all the bridesmaids - think about it for a moment! Sometimes adult bridesmaids look great with just a wristlet what about a wand for smaller bridesmaids. Buttonholes - just stick to immediate family honestly all these things will save money whether you are marring at Zucchini or anywhere else in the world.

Keep reception decoration to simple vases of flowers or incorporate more candles than flowers. No need to have lavish floral decoration that takes time and costs money. Think about flower types we have the same seasons with flowers as you do back in the UK because we generally all use flowers from Holland. Very delicate flowers such as lily of the valley, delphiniums, hydrangeas, typical country garden flowers are expensive and don't work well in the heat. Orchids have always been expensive - try and stick to roses, lilies, gerbera these flowers are value for money!

The bar at Zucchini certainly doesn't have your expensive hotel priced tarif, we are reasonable and we do include a sample tarif in your price list. Do you have to cover all the costs of the bar? Not many couples do they may put a certain amount behind the bar then when this runs out guests pay for their own drinks. We are always willing to remove certain expensive bottled beers from the bar on the day if you the couple are paying - just have local beers. Shots are where the bar bill jumps up (again if you are paying take out shots) we do see quite a lot of abuse with the shots especially if they are free!!!!

I know I'm running Zucchini as a business and I'm not a charity but in such hard times it would be so wrong of me to tell you that you must have this and you must have that - and that it would ruin your day if you didn't have these things - I wouldn't be doing my job properly now would I?

Let us help!

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